Why work with us

Creating Value

 Through our joint property developments our local authority partners are receiving high financial returns, typically greater than is possible under traditional contractual arrangements. These returns can be recycled into:

•income producing assets developed by our JVs and held within our partners’ investment portfolios; or

•equity in investment JVs formed to aggregate assets of a similar class to achieve economies of scale and create the conditions for yield compression; or

•equity investment in investment JVs formed to achieve diversification across a range of sectors and locations.



We work with our partners to create places that give communities a strong identity and sense of pride in the place that they live and work. The high quality of our finished product is paramount making great places to live. Public spaces are always at the heart of our scheme proposals, differentiating a neighbourhood from others.



 Through Morgan Sindall Investments our partners can access the full breadth and depth of delivery capability across the wider Morgan Sindall Group of companies to deliver large regeneration schemes, be they

 •High density mixed use schemes delivered in multiple phases to achieve a vision defined by an overarching masterplan, with support from our sister company Muse Developments

•Estate regeneration and renewal schemes delivered in line with a neighbourhood plan, requiring thorough tenant engagement prior to start and throughout the project delivery phase, with support from our sister company Lovell



We make sure that the benefits of economic growth and regeneration are real for all residents: better access to jobs; skills training; new homes; improved transport links; health facilities; active open spaces; education; lively streets; and safe and healthy environments.


Certainty of Delivery

In the last 10 years, Morgan Sindall Group has delivered over £2bn of projects every single year. Morgan Sindall Investments draws on our Group’s tremendous ability to deliver works, development, asset management and project finance.

This strong delivery capability includes:

•Morgan Sindall Investments (development management, property management and property and project finance)

•Morgan Sindall Construction & Infrastructure (construction and infrastructure)

•Lovell Partnerships (house building)

•Overbury and Morgan Lovell (fit out)

•MUSE Developments (mixed use development)

•Morgan Sindall Property Services (housing repairs and maintenance)

•Baker Hicks (design and engineering consultancy)

We develop a landowner’s vision into investable opportunities that are actually delivered, releasing value and transforming places.


Pace and Scale

With over 5,700 employees, Morgan Sindall Group has the breadth and depth to respond to challenging and demanding projects which require delivery at pace and scale.

In Slough we are working on 27 projects concurrently, with 8 simultaneously under construction. We increased our professional and managerial staff in Slough from 7 to over 80 in a 20 month period to respond to the growing pipeline of projects.


Long Term Investment

Morgan Sindall Investments has raised £1.5bn of capital for its projects to date. In 2017, we set up a £100m fund with Universities Superannuation Scheme to purchase, hold and manage a significant pipeline of supported living accommodation developments.

We have significant experience as an asset and investment manager, fulfilling that role over the last 10 years on a £1bn health portfolio.