01 / 03 / 2019

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By Gordon Warnock
Head of Quality, Health & Safety

At MSI we know the key to our success is taking care of our most valuable asset – our people. So with that in mind we are starting the New Year with a fresh mindset, to encourage positive lifestyle choices to ensure we are happier and healthier in 2019.

In October 2018 we completed a staff wellbeing survey which was completed by over 50% of staff. The aim was to gather feedback on how we manage mental health and wellness, and what new health at work initiatives we should strive to offer employees. Some of the themes from this survey highlighted that staff felt that they were too busy with work and family commitments to fit in active and healthy lifestyles.

We want our workplace to be somewhere staff look forward to coming to every day, where healthy lifestyle choices are valued and encouraged, and where everyone feels supported. So, to help us achieve this, we’re proud to announce that we’ve offered all our employees a place in the upcoming Virgin Pulse Global Challenge.

The Global Challenge is a ticket to a healthier mind and body in which we will be joining other businesses from around the world on a 100-day virtual journey. In teams of 7, participants will progress along a virtual tour of the world, the more active the team, the further they progress and the healthier they become whilst building sustainable habits around increased activity, improved nutrition, sleep and psychological wellbeing along the way.

The spirit of the event is that of a challenge; encouraging teamwork and aiming to help teams to become more active and educated about their health with support whilst providing encouragement throughout the journey, looking at eating habits and adopting a healthier diet.
Last year Virgin Pulse Global Challenge participants provided the following feedback:

  • 68% reported reduced stress levels at work or home
  • 67% reported losing weight
  • 54% reported an increase in either their productivity or concentration
  • 44% are now more aware of what they eat
  • 75% of clients witnessed an improvement in teamwork

The Global Challenge for MSI kicked off on 27th February and there is already a buzz of excitement around the office. With some friendly competition in place,many of our staff already upping the amount of activity during the working day by either taking the stairs or going to the gym at lunch. We will share our progress over the next 100 days but for now it’s certainly looking a healthier and happier new year ahead for all at MSI!

Gordon Warnock is Head of Quality, Health and Safety at Morgan Sindall Investments
Contact Gordon via [email protected]