Partnerships that deliver

Partnerships are what we do. We are not motivated by one–off transactions, but long-term arrangements that bring real change, deliver true value and benefit communities. We are an experienced partner – in it for the long term, helping our partners solve a range of diverse and complex requirements by harnessing the power of the Morgan Sindall Group. There is not a one size fits all solution – each partnership is unique, with different aspirations and different drivers for change. What is the same though is the desire to make a difference and a real impact. Our ability to do this, and deliver solutions at pace and at scale is what sets us apart from the rest.

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What do we do best?

Our vision is to deliver change – to alter perceptions, bring about real regeneration and create vibrant and sustainable communities that address the particular needs and aspirations of the people within them. We have a considerable track record of delivering long term, mutually beneficial projects that provide better solutions. Take our partnership with Slough as an example, where we have invested heavily to ensure the success of the partnership. The council benefits for land value with planning permission, an equal share of development profits, conversion of capital into long term revenue through recycling of cash into investments, new homes and new places.

Together we win

By combining our partnership credentials with the power of the Morgan Sindall Group, we are able to deliver an easy to understand, integrated offer to the organisations we partner with – the Morgan Sindall Group is a leading UK construction and regeneration group, operating through six divisions of construction and infrastructure, fit out, property services, partnership housing, urban regeneration and investments.

Our partners often have requirements that are diverse and complex – we listen carefully to understand them and then identify the right mix of skills and capabilities to present Morgan Sindall Group’s outstanding collective service, provided in one simple coherent offer that is easily understood. This allows us to manage and coordinate a pipeline of transformational regeneration projects and renewal programmes from inception to delivery.


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